The Guide: Fashion Week Outfit

Today marks the first day of Philippine Fashion Week, and as luck would have it, I was able to get on the guest list for tonight's main event thanks to designer Raoul Ramirez. The problem I have now is deciding what to wear to the big shindig. Oh, what to wear indeed?

You see, this is my first time to attend a show and the invites I've gotten list "fashionably chic" as the attire, which really, means nothing to me. I mean, in my opinion, you can be fashionably chic in jeans, a plain shirt, and some cool shoes. Should I go like that then?

Still a bit clueless, I decided to go to the experts - the denizens of the most stylish places on earth: New York, Paris and Milan. I wanted to see what the common practice is when it comes to dressing up (or down) during their much celebrated versions of this week-long parade of style.

So via the Sartorialist, I've narrowed down my favorite looks and have taken each apart to highlight the elements I love most. Hopefully by the end of the list, I will have made up my damn mind on what I'll be wearing in about 5 hours from now at the much awaited show. Wish me luck!

Love the colored socks from Yeezy, but man, lighten up will 'ya!

Bowties are awesome. Don't know about the suspenders though. Too literal.

If only it wasn't a friggin' sauna in this country, Mr. Bentley...

A casual look that cares from GQ Style Guy Glenn O' Brien

I'm considering wearing the shorts I got made after seeing this

Not a fan of the ripped jeans, but the color combo wins

The t-shirt under blazers look, haven't tried it, but it works here

I've picked up a lot of ideas from looking at these. Definitely have contenders now for items I will likely use and put together. I'll let y'all know how it goes. See you guys and gals at the show later!

Update: In the end, I came up with this little number. Like I said, I wanted to wear the shorts I had made, but felt like I had to dress up a bit up top due to the lack of fabric below. So I went with the trusty sweater over polo combo. Love how the red and blue came together. As I've mentioned before: Best color combo ever. Thanks to Dhon of Runway 2 Reality for the snap.

Why so serious still?

Thanks to Ian Villar for this wide-angle picture!

Photos courtesy of the Sartorialist, Men.Style, Runway 2 Reality, and Ian Villar


Dhon Jason said...

Hi Bobby! Nice meeting you last night. You didn't tell me you're a blogger. Nice blog you have. Keep it up. =)

Styles I Love said...

Hey Dhon! Things happened so quickly, I suppose, but thanks for the picture! I grabbed it if you don't mind. Haha. Hope to run into you again real soon! Good job with Runway 2 Reality and the Blogger Network! Galing!

ystacey said...

hi bobby :D you're so hot in your sky blue mini shorts. you have to wear them the next time we see each other. hahaha

love the blog :)


Styles I Love said...

hahaha! thanks ystacey! i'll be sure to sport them at the next reunion especially for you and donna! :)

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