The Icon: Arlo Weiner

The child of the Mad Men creator, Matt Weiner, Arlo Weiner may just be a kid at 8 years old, but as you can see, he is damn sure well all grown up when it comes to his understanding of personal style. At the very tender age of 3 - you know, when we were all occupied with toys and such tomfoolery - he asked his parents for a tophat, marking the beginning of a dandyism unlike any other.

Five years later, he can be seen sporting such sophisticated pieces as bow ties, ascots, and velvet blazers - things a great number of grown men wouldn't dare venture in. And while he admits taking inspiration from the classic looks of his dad's show, Arlo goes a bit further by playing with color and patterns, combining them with the adventurous curiosity and bravery that only a kid can possess.

One day, he hopes to design his own clothes when his mom gets him a sewing machine. With his deep knowledge of patterns, colors, fabrics, and classic style overall, there is no doubt in my mind that he will be the one to watch. My question however is, with his current style exhibition, isn't he already?

His Valentine's Day look, double bow tie and all

Red Ascot, Odd Jacket, Check Pants, the kid's brilliant

A 3-piece suit for an 8-year old. Amazing I say!

The red vest was a nice touch, perfect color peek!

He wears this to go biking? Unbelievable. In a good way.

Photos courtesy of GQ


czae said...

omg bobby! i don't know what to say! di ko lam kung maaaliw ako ng todo or massad! pero wow ang galing talaga ng style niya.

pano kaya nagsimula ang batang to??

like the 2nd photo.

Styles I Love said...

hey cza! personally, i think it's awesome! that young and the kid's already thinking about what looks good with what. he's a style prodigy!

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