Style I Love: Spike Acosta

I ran into my friend Spike recently in High Street and I just had to take his picture. If anything, his outfit shows you how to look cool in the most basic of clothes. I mean, how basic can you get? White V-neck, gray jeans, and some slip-ons and yet he manages to look put together.

I say blame it on the fit, the added touch of accessories, and the man's good looks. That combination is always foolproof. But wait, there's more to this cool casual look than meets the eye. It's quite easy on the wallet too. Spike told me that he got his probinsyano banig fedora at a friggin' farming expo(!) and his sweet striped shoes at SM for 200 bucks! Dope right?

In the end, he actually apologized for not having any high-end stuff on, but I say for what, my friend? True style is all about resiliency, knowing where to shop, and having an eye for combinations that pop. Really now, you don't need to have boatloads of cash for that, do you?

Straw Fedora from a farming Expo, Carter v-neck shirt
Tim's Guarantee Jeans from Switch, Advan slip-ons from SM


khaz of beautiful things said...

i agree. loads of cash doesn't buy you style. be all the label whore you want but it doesn't buy substance. cool look.

Styles I Love said...

amen to that, khaz! by the way, it was nice meeting you yesterday at the show. hope to bump into you again soon!

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