The Guide: Toppin' It Off with a Driving Cap

I've been planning to write a post about hats for quite some time now, especially with the sun's rays supposedly beating down on us right about now. But as global warming would have it, instead of sun, we get rain showers every single day. Doesn't matter in the end though, because using a topper to protect our noggins shouldn't really be a seasonal thing. Every man should have one. And the only question really is which one to have.

So to respond to my friend Fidel's query about what best to wear, here is my top pick. For the record, he asked me to exclude fedoras, Indiana Jones hats (?), and baseball caps to my list, and I won't. Oh lord, why would I? Again, Indiana Jones hats? C'mon now!

A look best left for adventurous archaeologists

My favorite among the lot would unanimously be the driving cap. Out of all hats, it's the easiest to pull off next to the baseball cap, being a nice transition from sporty to a tad more refined. Wearing one shows you care, but not in an I-want-to-get-everyone's-attention kind of way like a loud fedora. It's a smooth choice for those who want to make a statement by not making one, being low key but staying in style.

The epitome of low key cool, Brad Pitt

Some wise words before rocking one, though. Make sure the fit is snug and the size not too overwhelming. It's worn best when you're showing a great deal of forehead just like Mr. Pitt.

For the color, opt for the muted ones which will match well with most outfits. You'll want to wear them as much as you can so gray and brown are always go-to options. Twill and cotton are best when it comes to the fabrics. Leather is a never, please. I hope I've made that clear for the last time.

So there you go, Fidel. My hat suggestion for you and for everyone else who has grown tired of their trucker caps, military inspired hats, and full brimmed fedoras. With the ever changing weather ahead, your head could use all the stylish protection it can get.

A chambray version from J. Crew

A fine tweed variation still from J. Crew

A versatile linen offering from Marks & Spencer

The cap of champions: Ralph Lauren's design for the US Olympic Team


Earl said...

i vote trilby hats! - earl

Styles I Love said...

trilbies are fine by me as well. however, way harder to pull off by a great many in my estimation.

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