The Sale: Adidas Wants Your Old Shoes!

For May 1 to 17 only, all Adidas outlets will be graciously welcoming your old shoes in exchange for discounts of as much as 1000 bucks off of any Adidas pair, and I repeat, any pair!

A classy move from the 3-striped brand, as the shoes you're probably not wearing anymore will be donated to our less fortunate brothas and sistas via the Pamulaan Center for Indigenous Peoples' Education. A simple gesture of generosity that will go a long long way to be sure.

So whether they be Nikes (!), Chucks, Reeboks, or any other brand, as long as they're still wearable athletic shoes, come on down to any Adidas outlet and experience the joy, not to mention the big discounts, that only your charity can bring.

Click on the pic to get the much important details!

The gift that keeps on giving.


yanna said...
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