The Item: New Discoveries at Muji

It's been two weeks after Muji's opening and thankfully, the crowds have now thinned and the long line has all but disappeared. With the frenzy finally gone, I can now focus on now picking out the gems the store has to offer without having to rush or grab it from some other dude's hands. That said, three items on the lineup today, boys. Not sure if these are new arrivals, but I don't remember coming across them during our first visit, so let's go ahead and call them that.

First up, a lovely dark denim shirt with chest pockets on both breasts. I know I already have a blue one which I got at a much cheaper price, but a man does need two shades of denim in his life, so please allow me to indulge. Up next, the one that got away: a gray jersey blazer that I've always wanted, but unfortunately not in my size. Big ups to the guy who got the medium, it'll serve you wll. Finally, the one I "settled" for. According to the description, they were chambray pants. Not sure about that, but one thing I'm sold on is that they fit well - snug but not constricting - and they're in gray, the most versatile of all trouser colors in my humble estimation.

Only P1,650 for this bad boy. Cop it immediately, I say.

The jersey blazer that got away and my newest, awesome pair of pants


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