The Item: Baleno Chambray Shirts

Let me just pause for a moment and ask, what in blazes in going on with SM Department Store? First, this straw trilby, and now this beautiful chambray shirt? It's from a brand named Baleno and if it sounds familiar, you may have found it in some ukay-ukay shops before (I know I have!). As for me, I scoured these babies in SM Department Store after I chanced upon them in a Garage Magazine spread.

I must say, the fit is amazing and the fabric's just as light as it needs to be. The button-down collar detail is also a fine addition and if you read ze blog often, you know how much I love those. Needless to say, because of the setting of purchase, it's damn cheaper than it's more heralded counterparts - something to the tune of P699 a piece. Just imagine, you can buy 5 of 'em in place of the chambrays Gap is offering now! At least you should probably get two, though, since it comes in two chambray shades. I tell you SM, if you keeps carrying this shiz, I'll keep on coming back for more. So keeps stepping your game up now, mmmkay?

The color I got: Not bad for P699, yes?

As Terrence Howard said in Iron Man, "Next time, baby"


mikhail quijano said...

I have to agree, SM's been really hyping up the buying. Good job to their merchandisers and buyers! (I heard they get stylists as merch folks too? Must be why they're really starting to hit the right notes!)

Styles I Love said...

oh, so that's why. i don't know when this started, but it's been a very pleasant surprise hasn't it? i never thought of sm as a place where i could do some serious shopping. well, no longer!

toxic disco boy said...

sm is getting better. and bigger. i know baleno is an hk brand right?

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