The Item: Cheap Recycled Pens

I'm really not particular about pens. When it comes to writing instruments, I get what I can from the office, which more often than not is some broken-down Panda number or some corporate pen from a job fair. Feeling a need to change this to be more motivated at work, I decided to venture into the nearby National Bookstore branch to get me some new pen swag.

I decided on a Pilot G-Tech which my girlfriend prefers, but when I saw these two so-called "recycled pens", I just had to have them. I love how organic these look as opposed to the artificial plastic bodies most pens have. That cardboard body, those small wooden clips - these are the kind of small touches that make all the difference in such a category as boring as office supplies. The fact that they're recycled too is really just a bonus for Mother Nature. And c'mon now, for 8 bucks a pop, is there really any going wrong with them?

My new pens: Won't allow anybody to nab these babies without me knowing!

Can you say "instant accessory"? Yeah, not quite, but an intriguing option nonetheless


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