Style I Love: All Around Basics

My girlfriend and I celebrated her birthday yesterday at Burgos Circle. And because it's her special day, I decided to go for an all-basics outfit to look muted and let her shine as she should. It all led to this. From first glance, I think I'd pass for a mannequin at Gap with their denim drive going on and all. Be that as it may, I'm quite happy with how all basic pieces came together. With a few simple tweaks (a fold here, a fold there), it became a silent statement all in itself, a perfect complimentary to the true star of the day. That said, Happy Birthday, you pretty girl, you!

Browline Specs (Ray-Ban), Chambray Shirt (Baleno), V-Neck (Hanes) Original Khakis (Gap), Chuck Taylors (Converse), Air Socks (Urban Outfitters)

The birthday girl in Zara and the Cath Kidston bag she wanted (my gift!)


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