The Item: New TravelTeq "Trash" Bags

You've already seen how infinitely awesome TravelTeq's Trash Laptop Bags are. And yet, for some ungodly reason, its makers found some more things to upgrade in what I already regard to be the most glorious laptop bags I've ever seen in my life. Longer handles for the ladies? Check with the Trash Cougars! Shoulder strap for those tiresome arms? Done with the Trash Messengers! A bigger bag for those 17-inch Macs? Well, wham, bam, thank you, ma'am! Throw in a new "invisible" pocket at the back and a charger pocket for the 17-incher bag and what you have are simply the best bags, bettered. Get them here if you can, you moneyed bastard, you!

The Trash Messenger bags in artful action

The Trash Messengers up close with the well-placed shoulder strap

Photo courtesy of TravelTeq


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