The Art: Dekahon Carton Furniture

Chalk it up as one of the greatest ideas I've seen in a bit. Cardboard boxes molded into practical furniture? Well, color me delighted; but this new discovery of ours from yesterday's venture to Manila FAME is quite the minimalist's dream. Made of thick cardboard panels put together by easy-lock plastic bolts, these pieces of furniture make quite the eco-statement. Desks, drawers, coffee tables, chairs, shelves, even a bed - yes, all cardboard and as my girlfriend and I have agreed, beautiful pieces which will adorn our home whenever that fateful time comes.

This charming desk would be a wonderful addition to my room

Kiddies and grown-ups alike would love these little chairs

There's the bed in the foreground. The base is made of durable cardboard!


Justin, Uhm, Bieber said...

How cute!

But can you really sit on those little chairs without breaking them? I'm gonna feel like I'm Goldilocks if I sat on one of these.

Styles I Love said...

Hey Justin. Yes, they're sturdy enough to sit on! Tried them out myself and I'm not exactly Justin Bieber's size. If you know what I mean. :)

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