Style I Love: The Level-up Shoreline Look

Boracay is known for having one of the best beaches in the world. To do it justice, atrocious basketball shorts and ill-fitting cut-off shirts will simply never ever do. As a symbol of respect, I threw out all my usual tacky male cover-ups and went with a soft button-down shirt instead. The lightweight fabric makes it perfect for the warm weather and its semi-quick dry material did it what it had to as I lounged about after my length ocean dip. It looks lightyears better too than those raggedy jerseys and I believe makes for a perfect tribute to such a wonder of nature that we all have been blessed to visit.

Straw Trilby (SM Department Store), Lightweight Button-down (American Eagle)
Navy Swim Trunks (Fred Perry), Flip-flops (Havaianas), Lumot (Boracay's own)


James said...

No to Smart Buddy shirts at the beach! Yes to navy swim trunks!

toxic disco boy said...

hey. i just discovered your blog through nuffnang. ^^ am going to the beach next week and i still don't know what to wear. haha. maybe something quick-dry like yours. where can i get that? ^^

Styles I Love said...

I totally agree james! Don't give those corporate giants any more exposure by wearing their shirts to the beach!

hey toxic disco boy, are you referring to the shirt? It's just a super lightweight one I have in stock from years passed. It just really dries quickly, especially in the sun. :)

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