The Happening: Muji Finally in Manila!

After years of waiting, our thirst for Muji has finally been quenched! Wasn't able to go on the first day it opened because of a meeting I had (more on that very soon), but my girlfriend and I made sure to make it on Day 2. The first thing I noticed going in was that this was no half-assed effort on SSI's part. The store was not a watered-down version of the famous brand, but rather a true showcase of what Muji was all about. Clothing, footwear, storage, home, travel, personal care, kitchenware, office supplies - they were all there in their minimalistic glory.

Needless to say, I was thoroughly satisfied with what I found in the men's department. From short-sleeved button-downs to oxford shirts to basic striped Ts to fine trousers, it was truly a classic lover's dream. What truly sets it apart from others brands though (most strikingly, the Gap store below it) was that these basics were sold exactly as such. No puzzling pricing strategy and really just a "sounds-about-right" sentiment whenever I look at the tag. In a country like ours, that is a true rarity. Giving the people what they want? Fuhgedaboudit.

As expected, the clientele was quite diverse. A quick scan at the the long line shows that Muji has already cut across several segments - be it the mom who wants to organize or the teen who wants to sport some swag. This overwhelming welcome is promising, if anything. I actually heard they're planning to open up another branch already, but why stop with just one? Honestly, that can all wait though. For now, I'll just enjoy my afternoon office breaks more by taking a stroll to Muji and checking some other minimalistic Japanese goodies that are to sure to have a place in my life in some shape or form. "Yes, I need it, so I'm buying it, okay?"

The cotton-blazered mannequin welcomes you inside the much awaited store

Some short-sleeved button-down collars for only P795! That's crazy.

Nothing really beats a soft-as-hell white oxford shirt. They had loads of 'em!

Khaki and gray trousers for that busy workweek/playdates ahead.

Even their casual polos sport that awesome button-down collar detail.

Everyday totebags for your consideration. Tad overpriced, but a looker.

Footwear was limited, but their versatility makes up for the small quantities

Seriously thinking about these for my office laptop. The gray's sweet.

Look at all those folders! Talk about organizing in style!


elizar33 said...

love everything in Muji!

btw, saw you yesterday in Muji but I was too shy to say hi!

Mhela Loteyro said...

Was really excited when I heard that Muji was coming here in Manila. Now, that it's open its like Christmas came early for me. :)

I love that I can buy almost anything there from Stationery to clothing to furniture.

Styles I Love said...

hi elizar!
how come you didn't say hi? would've loved to chat with you on how awesome the store was! haha. see you around next time!

hi mhela!
agree with you on all points! i actually bought a cheap short-sleeved button-down shirt as an early present to me! what did you end up buying?

Anonymous said...

Hi Bobby, around how much were the Muji totes there?

Styles I Love said...

Hi Mr. Anonymous,
The tote's are a tad above P2,000 i think. Let me check again later. I'm dropping by there later again. :)

Anonymous said...

hey there, how much are the khakis at Muji?

Styles I Love said...

the khakis from last i saw were about P2,450. not bad, but not the cheapest. :)

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