The Sale: Trio Warehouse Craziness!

Every once in a while I come across some sweet deals that I can't help but keep for myself. Yeah, I ultimately tell all you guys about it, but this last one I discovered, man, it was a real struggle. Imagine this: Brands like Paul Smith, B Store, and Opening Ceremony at 80% to 90% off? Why that's crazy talk, you guys! Only, it's not crazy; it's totally so amazingly true. Thanks to Trio Marketing, you can now get all those brands you dreamed of for practically nothing at all!

Admittedly, the shirts selections were skewed toward the larges sizes, but everything else - from the various pants to those glorious shoes - you could get your size, no problem. As you will notice, the shoe selection here got me. Opening Ceremony has been one of my favorite shoe brands for a minute now because of their classic designs with distinct style quirks. And as fate would have it, I didn't have to spend that much to get my first pair!

The Swear and B Store selections are also quite impressive. Come to think of it, remember when I told you about those hidden shoe treasures at Paul Smith in Greenbelt 5? They're almost all here! A lot of stuff for your ladies too as they have McQ by Alexander McQueen and other notable dresses. My officemate even told me one dress was featured on Preview. Nice, very nice. The greatest of bargains and all you need to do is call and make an appointment (on a weekday from 10am to 5pm). Sometimes, life really is just that generous!

The Men's department with blazers, jackets, and trousers aplenty

My favorites: the Opening Ceremony lineup (with a lot of sizes left!)

The one my friend got: Swear high-top suede sneakers!

And finally, that bronze B Store lace-up which stands out among the pack

Trio Warehouse Sale
No. 2292, Magnolia St, Dasmarinas Village
Makati City, Metro Manila, Philippines
Call First! (+632.844.4028)


Xtn said...

can u please give me a price point as to how much a pair of S***R and a pair of Opening Ceremony shoes costs?? :) the price range would do. 80-90% off sounds too good to resist! :p

until when is this Trio Warehouse Craziness?? any idea? :)

and btw, are they all brand new and in superb quality? details will be very much appreciated.

thanks! :)

Styles I Love said...

Hi Xtn!

The Swears were about P10k before but they were now going for around P2,500ish. The Opening Ceremony shoes are the real catch for me from P19k++ to only P3,880 for the pair I got! Sweet!

The sale is ongoing until supplies last and don't you worry, all the goods are brand new. Definitely worth the trip if you ask me. :)

Xtn said...

Wow! NOT BAD!!! :) Thanks for the details! Saw the pair u got from the other entry. Very nice! :)

isimplydoodle said...

Hi. When are they going to have the next big Trio Warehouse Craziness? Do they have a website where they post their upcoming sale?

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