The Item: Opening Ceremony Caramel Loafers

I already told you about that crazy Trio Warehouse sale, but I haven't shared what I got with y'all just yet. The decision was pretty easy, really. Right when I entered the showroom, I simply knew what I was going to leave with. I went there for some Opening Ceremony shoes and after years of waiting, I finally got a pair. What thrilled me more was that it was the exact same one I wanted. You see, I already saw these beautiful caramel loafers before, but I thought the price was just too indulgent back then (P19,000++). Well, after they slashed 80% off that, it was wham, bam, thank you, ma'am. No more discussions needed and no more proof required to confirm that this indeed is the year of superbly great bargains!

Mmm, that maple brown color sure looks tasty, as does the fine detailing up front

The contrast caramel sole adds so much to the top-flight aesthetic

Look at the exquisite construction of the heel. It's all in the details, baby!


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