The Item: Topman Letterman Cardigan

Letterman jackets are awesome. Not only do they show off your exclusive alma mater's initials, but they also remind us of those stereotype varsity bullies we simply love to hate in those old movies. Believe it or not, I wanted to be just like them at one point, so I tried looking for some retro number which will make me look just like that douche from the original Karate Kid.

Haven't had any luck thus far, but I think I may have stumbled on to the next best thing at Topman. No, it's not a jacket, but it's a fresh letterman cardigan, a cross between classic bully and ironically, trademark dweeb. Sporting a gray and navy blue colorway, it's actually more wearable and lightweight than a jacket, plus it has a "B" sewn onto it. It's like it was made exclusively for me, or a guy named Bill, Bryan, Bernard, or Benjamin. Ah, forget it. I'd still buy it.

The letterman pattern is bully, but the cardigan says "geek"

Now, for your enjoyment, some famous bullies from the '80s in one awesome compilation. In case you're wondering, yeah, them letterman jackets make plenty of appearances (sleeveless even)!

Video courtesy of Huffington Post


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