The Item: Fred Perry Authentics AW 10

It has always been my belief that the best collections are reserved for the Autumn-Winter season. Spring-Summer's fine with all its laid back garb and all, but it's during the latter part of the year that the brand's go all-out with some real serious swag. Looking at the AW collections of Fred Perry further solidifies this stand, and the longer I browse the pictures, it does so over and over and over again. Matter of fact, I can't contain all the awesomeness in one post, so consider this the first of the Styles I Love mini-series of Fred's latest offerings.

First up, Fred Perry Authentics. The sub-brand's new collection is all about embracing the emergence of the modern dandy, one that welcomes patterns, colors, dressier pieces as well as all the attention that comes along with it. Dear sir, now's not the time to be shy with trademark English patterns like Argyles, tartans, and houndstooth checks popping up along with autumnal colors like mahogany, rust, and mulberry. Instead, it's the best time to accentuate and get appreciated with belts, shirts, socks, bow ties, bags and what have you. It's really simple: Visit the SM Megamall and Power Plant Authentics branches, purchase, and get happy. With a collection this foolproof, it's really that easy!

I'm adoring those brightly colored jackets, especially the red!

With that chambray shirt and tartan bow tie and belt, who needs shoes?

I don't think I could pull-off that coat in this weather, but I am willing to try!

No Fred Perry collection is complete without pique shirts!

Photos courtesy of Fred Perry


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