The Happening: Business Unusual

Compared to others, our company's pretty lenient when it comes to our corporate dress code. Thankfully, we're not required to throw on those ungodly polo barongs, crisp button-downs with ties, or even the everyday slacks which all working men have become accustomed to. Instead, I can go to the office in chinos, polka dot shirts, and tasseled loafers - in many ways, a prepster's dream. As long as it's not denim and it's button-down, everything's open season 'ere, sir.

Now with this leeway in tow, I decided on some dandy hosiery for our Business Review today with the higher-ups. Being an important day and all, I wasn't about to settle for some plain colored socks. No, no, a thousand times no! To make a statement, I busted out those striped socks I bought in Greenhills to challenge the seriousness of the proceedings. However the big bosses may feel about it, I think that they pair well with my chocolate brown oxfords and navy pants. It sure put a hop in my step and is definitely worth rocking again, important meeting or not!

Methinks I need a lot more socks like this to bring life to any office outfit!


elizar33 said...

I always wear stripe-y/printed socks in the office. I usually get mine from bench.

Styles I Love said...

Ah, great to see someone else rock out with their socks out. It's one of the easiest ways to give any outfit that added kick!

elizar33 said...

true! it is my almost rebellion against crappy corporate dress codes.

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