The Store: Hong Kong State of Mind

Sorry for the lack of posts lately, folks. I've been so swamped with work during the day and equally quite busy at night because of something I've been working on with my girlfriend these past few nights. No, not that thing, you dirty-minded person, you. Check it: In exactly two weeks from now, we will be making our way to one of the world's premier shopping destinations - Hong Kong! Yeah, it's sale season, baby, and this past week, we've been hammering out our plan of attack for one of the most epic shopping trips yet!

It's been thirteen years since my last trip there, and obviously, my priorities were quite different back then. Being a serious shopping virgin, I've compiled this list of stores I'm really excited to visit. Some I've already encountered in other countries, but missed thoroughly. Others, I've yet to get a peep of first-hand. Price points will vary, but what will remain constant are the fine, fine selections each outlet has. I have my checklist of items to buy and from the looks of things, man, my wallet's going to suffer big time!

1. H&M
Let's get it out of the way. The no-brainer, which apparently, Hong Kong has five outlets of. Lucky them. The fast fashion chain has been the go-to for trendy high-quality clothes which won't put a huge dent in your wallet. Coupled with the mega-sale season, I could probably end up buying an entire closet's worth in here alone. Dayum.

2. Uniqlo
Basics, basics, and basics. In every color imaginable. At H&M price points. Jackpot, baby. It's the perfect place to stock up on such never-fail essentials like basic shirts, trousers, slim shorts, socks, hell, even underwear. The store's the biggest retail chain in Japan in volume and income and judging from the value-for-money offerings, it's really not that surprising to hear.

3. Muji
My first foray with Muji amazed me so much that I found myself taking pictures of their wares with my camera phone in a ninja-like fashion. Nothing screams Japanese minimalism more than this brand, be it their office supplies, home accessories, storage bins, and you guessed it, clothes. Nothing really exciting, but that's exactly the whole point though, isn't it?

4. I.T Stores
Think of I.T as the Rustan's of Hong Kong, only cooler and way more comprehensive. Maybe like Homme et Femme on steroids. Its numerous branches across Hong Kong carry some of my faves like Comme Des Garcons, Band of Outsiders, A.P.C. and Baracuta. What's even more exciting is that they have an outlet store in Silvercord Mall. Designer goods at a (relative) discount and a stone's throw from our hotel too!

5. Club Monaco
While I can get Band of Outsiders pieces in Hong Kong, I probably won't, largely due to the existence of this store. Preppy pieces at a price that's not as damning as Band's? Count me in, dear sir. They've plenty of khakis, sweaters, and cardigans in classic fits that would satisfy just about any casual dandy, much like yours truly.


Victoria said...

Bobby!! May bagong lookbook na yung Band of Outsiders. It's my superfavorite menswear brand, as in even before they came out with Boy. I loved them na. Hahaha! But you're right -- too pricey, only for my dreams. Hahaha!

Styles I Love said...

Hey Vicky, I love love love Band of Outsiders! As in when I first saw it, I thought it was what I had been looking for all along. If only it wasn't priced so high, I'd get all my stuff there! Boy's pretty awesome too! If I were a girl, I'd totally rock it.

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