The Happening: The Style of (500) Days

My girlfriend and I saw (500) Days of Summer over the weekend and yes, just like about everyone who watched it, we liked it too (okay, I loved it!). The story was by no means epic, nor did it try to be. It was but a simple chronicling of a love story between two people made interesting by the witty juxtaposition of the different emotions one feels while in a relationship (you know you've been there!).

Not your ordinary romantic comedy, so go watch!

I for one was hit by the ending, but in between the charming story and the manner in which it was presented, were the sweet clothes. I especially loved the wardrobe of Summer (the stunning Zoeey Deschanel). I actually found myself looking over to my girlfriend constantly to whisper how awesome she looked. Tom (the dashing Joseph Gordon-Levitt) hit the nail on the head when he said she loved the way she dressed. Vintage, but damn sexy, I'd say.

That is not to say Tom did not look nice. My boy, don't sell yourself too short. You didn't look too shabby yourself when you cleaned up. Sweet skinny ties galore and a clinic of how one should look in a suit. You may not have gotten what you thought you wanted in the end, but you have that one thing so many men aspire for: looking awesome in a suit with the least effort as possible.

The couple (?) looks quite fetching in this fine screen cap

Love the pattern of that skinny tie and how great it looks with the shirt

A wonderfully colored suit with yet another sweet tie would make me smile too!


DATS said...

i love the movie!!!! i think its a feel good movie!

Styles I Love said...

i kinda felt bad for tom, but still, a fresh take on those stale romantic comedy formulas! :)

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