The Happening: Mega Atrium Launch

I know what you're thinking. Mega Atrium's been open for quite some time, right? By my count, it's been around for some months now, but if the Sy's want to have a damn launch, they're going to have it okay? It's their mall, after all. Some good publicity too for a lot of the deserving brands on that wing, like Style I Love favorites Fred Perry and 5CM.

The launch itself was your garden variety launch with a fashion show, a hot host (Angel Aquino), and free food, but I didn't mind dropping by. It was a great way to hype up what we already know; that Mega Atrium is the best place to be in what may probably be the most congested mall in the Metro.

Gotta love that giant Laurel logo

The Freds in full force (iffy about the girls' hair though)

One more picture moment

Damn, that prepubescent at the back is modeling hard!

The store owners who'll get richer with every penny you spend


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