The Item: Ray Ban Tortoise Shells

Remember my Ninoy post just the other day where I namedropped Bam Aquino? I was raving about the tortoise shell Ray Bans he had on that day, and I think I just might know where he bought them. It was the same place my girlfriend got me my Ray Ban browlines, Almeda Optical at Glorietta 4.

The branch has the most impressive Ray Ban opticals line-up I've seen so far and the recent addition of these tortoise shells just proves that they should be your go-to as well. Tortoise shells are not for everyone, but for the select few like Bam who can wear them with confidence, hats off to ya. It's people like you who break the monotony and make the world look just a little bit better!

The toned down wayfarer shape makes these look more professor than poser

Almeda Optical
2/F Glorietta 4, Ayala Center
Makati City, Metro Manila


Anonymous said...

Any idea how much it is?

Styles I Love said...

It's about P6,000 net of the 20% discount. Pretty steep, but it's Ray Ban, after all. Worth the investment by me! :)

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