The Store: 5cm

Finally. After months of trying, I finally got to document the greatness that is 5cm. Coming to us from the all-world fashionable streets of Hong Kong, the brand is a breath of fresh air to the local menswear scene with their trademark blend of classic pieces made interesting by some fine quirky details.

Finally! An official non-ninja style picture!

When I first entered the store, the first thing that caught my eyes were (surprise, surprise) the shoes. They're the first things I look for because more often than not, they're a good gauge about the quality and direction the store wants to achieve. Judging from their lineup, you could already see that the brand gets it. It's kicks have reached that elusive middle ground of sneakers that manage to look dressed up. Again, it's all about the details, baby!

These white wingtip sneakers are at the top of my list!

The black leather with touches of suede mesh together nicely

Ditto for these, but in white

Oh, and the clothes ain't half bad too. Just like the shoes, the blazers don't try to do too much, but still they make quite the statement. The fit is slim without being constricting and the interesting variations like a shorter cut and the lightweight cotton they used was exactly what I've been looking for. The basic shirts are nothing special. They just fit well, but what else can you ask for right?

Love the shorter blazer length more than anything!

The thin lapels streamline this one-buttoned number

Polka dot shirts, again. But why the hell not?

The sweet accessories are a just a bonus at this point, but still they're quite the treat. Some of the bags may look girly at first but do give them a chance. One look at the mirror of your manly self holding them bags will surprise you. Because they're fresh as hell and yeah, you can pull 'em off! The belts? They've got a lot of options too and there's no point in convincing you anymore. Just look at it. Understated awesomeness!

A tote I wouldn't mind calling my man bag

Ah, I'm a sucker for belts like this. Love the stripe!

My only beef with the brand is they aren't more accessible. Just two branches so far with one in Megamall and a freshly opened Mall of Asia branch just today? Well, at least they're taking a step in the right direction. The important thing is that they've brought their beautiful clothes here. The ball's in your court now, dear reader. Do yourself a favor and go check out what the hype has been about for all these months!


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