The Happening: A Fine Show, Gentlemen!

Group collections are aplenty in Fashion Week, but more often than not, only one or two designers really elevate themselves and make their mark. That said, my girlfriend and I agree that of the Premiere C lot that showed yesterday, the best collections were those of Ziggy Savella and Odelon Simpao.

Ziggy utilized what looked to be lots of chambray (you know I love 'em!) as Odelon played with a multitude of pastel colors like light blue, baby pink, and lots more in a way that just clicked. While they just breezed through their curtain call in a show of humility, I for one think they should've soaked up the well deserved applause. Lord knows some didn't earn it. But these two? Yeah, they get it.

Ziggy in jeans that reminded me of some pieces in his collection

Odelon using two key colors from his exhibition on his belt and shirt


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