The Item: Levi's 505s and 501s

I dropped by the Market Market branch of Levi's yesterday to honestly just confirm how superior its overseas counterparts were when it comes to product range. Coming in, I expected to see lacking fits, ripped jeans, and faded patterns galore as always, but what surprised me instead were the recent additions of my favorite Levi's fit, the Slim Straight!

After months of waiting, the local incarnation finally brought what I deem to be the perfect balance of flattery and comfort to our shores. I bought my first pair in Urban Outfitters last year and I've been abusing 'em ever since! After a quick fitting to check if they're exactly the same, I cannot but recommend these bad boys. The number may have changed (514s in the US, but 505s here), but the great fit remains!

Welcome to the Philippines, Slim Straights!

Talking about great fit, I tried on a pair of 501s yesterday just for kicks. I've never really bought the hype so yesterday was my first trip with 'em to the dressing room. That's all it took, really. I am a now a full-fledged 501 believer. The fit was a bit more snug than I expected (which I love) and that denim, oh that denim, felt so so good. A bit pricier than the normal line, but just trying them on will tell you why. Anyhow, great job, Levi's Philippines! Better late than never I suppose. Just keep the ball rolling now, ya heard?

As for you, welcome to my closet, 501s!

Photos courtesy of Levi's


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