The Art: Jay-Z's Empire State of Mind

If I were to live anywhere but Manila, in a heartbeat I'd definitely say New York. I just fell in love with the city. The whole vibe of it as a true melting pot of cultures, the awesome shopping, that was it for me. That's why Empire State of Mind, the fresh track from New York natives Jay-Z and Alicia Keys, especially appeals to me. It is quite simply the dopest ode to the greatest city in the world.


pm said...

bobby! can you hook up with some of yer famous friends in the biz para we can have a song like this for manila? :D

Styles I Love said...

Yes! A fine idea, my friend. While some have tried already (Amber's Manila most notably), none have the swagger that and pride that I felt whenever I listen to this song. As for famous friends, I only have one and he hardly even raps. Haha! :)

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