The Item: Gap Chambray Shirt

I was kind of skeptical about this chambray number from Gap, but I should've known better with all the upgrades going on with Patrick Robinson at the helm. Some things just look better when you put them on, I reckon. I must say, the fit was amazing and the fabric was just oh so soft. They could've chosen a more grayish color though, but as it is, no real complaints here. Go cop it now for a fairly reasonable P2,250 (that is, if they're still in stock)!

Ah, Gap, you have taken me again



haha we got the same shirt. Got mine last month

Styles I Love said...

Another instance of great minds thinking alike, I suppose! A great purchase so far, Ram? :)


yup yup, you got it - great minds think alike haha right Ant.

I'm loving the shirt. I usually pair it with shorts.

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