The Editorial: A Change for the Better

Though far from what would be called iconic, I am proud to be where I am today in terms of my personal style, one that favors basics and classics yet open to some playful details. Not bad for someone who used to sport elephant pants and bandanas, huh?

Yeah, I must admit it took a long time for me to have the sensibilities I have today. If you saw me about seven years ago, you would probably never trust my words on style again. But that's exactly why I'm writing this: To say that what I looked liked then was not the finished product. It was but a phase, a transition to greater things.

If anything, what I learned was that you always dress better if you wanted to. You may make a lot of bad fashions choices like I did before, but nothing's stopping you from correcting them and finding that distinct style you love. Even the great ones in the game had to start somewhere, and more often than not, it wasn't pretty.

I, for one, got my current style by (and I will not be embarrassed to admit this) first watching Queer Eye. I was amazed by how much clothes changed every man they made over. And it snowballed from there, from reading GQ in our school library during breaks (yeah, we had it!), checking countless websites, and spending hours on end window shopping.

It was a slow but enjoyable process of learning and finding myself, style-wise. I tried on things I liked, saw if they worked, and opened my eyes to new inspirations to move towards a style I wanted to go in. In the end, I would say it all worked out well. I love my choices now, but as with everything, it can be better.

Now I know many would read this and say that I am romanticizing the meaning of changing your look, but tell me it isn't progress when a boy sets aside his juvenile graphic tees and opts for an oxford shirt. Tell me it isn't an evolution when a man so used to wearing sneakers discovers the joy of wearing loafers.

More often than not, our desire to look better is part of our whole decision to be the type of people we want to be. Take it from a guy who used to think big ass bling, chunky athletic shoes, and a sideward cap was the way to go. If I went from looking gangsta to aspiring gentleman, there is certainly hope to be had for all of you who supposedly don't have a clue.


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