The Happening: Bloggers at Fashion Week

More than an event where designers and brands show off their latest creations, Fashion Week is also a fine opportunity to meet people who have the same passion as I do. It was actually at last May's shows that I first met Dhon of Runway 2 Reality, Onin of Style Anywhere, and Khaz of Beautiful Things.

Today's shows were no different. I bumped into Dhon and Onin again as well as spoke to Cholo Dela Vega and Miguel Paolo Celestial of El Bosquejo for the very first time. I must say, this growing number of style/fashion bloggers is very encouraging. That's why I only post links of local writers in my Rundowns; to show that we Filipinos have something to say and what we have to say is worth reading. Okay, enough of this cheesiness now.

Miguel of El Bosquejo with his sweet fringed loafers

Dhon of Runway 2 Reality with his charming (and cheap!) bow tie

Cholo of um, Cholo Dela Vega, with his tight tortoise shell frames

P.S. I wasn't able to get a shot of you and your wonderful hair, Onin!


Anonymous said...

actually,you did!see the hair at the back of cholo. :-)

Styles I Love said...

A pseudo-appearance at best. Haha! Next time, I want a frontal shot!

Dhon Jason said...

my bow tie isn't cheap, it's inexpensive. LOL

Styles I Love said...

hahaha! forgive my wording, dhon. cheap or inexpensive, i do absolutely love it though! great find. :)

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