The Item: Spankin' Brand New Fred Perry Belts

If there's one thing I really need to build up in my wardrobe, it's belts. I mean I could always use some new shirts, pants, and shoes, but as it is, I'm pretty set there. It's with belts that I end up having to settle because of my lack of options. Why you ask? Well, I've never really seen ones that just made me stop and say, "Yeah, that's the one." That is, until today. These sick new belts from Fred Perry are really testing my no shopping for October promise and for that, I say damn you, Fred. Damn you.

Gotta love the use of the iconic laurel in this leather number

These D-ring belts are the shiznit as well, especially the white/navy stripe!

In the end, I'm leaning towards this fine leather minimalistic beaute


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