The Happening: You Guys, You're Awesome!

I was checking my Statcounter just now and I was quite elated to see that my lil' ole' blogeroo already reached 50,000 visits! Needless to say, I thank all of you who continue to support. 50K may not be a lot compared to others, but it is for a blog which started with just 340 hits and 13 posts in the first month! I love it! You guys keep me writing. More posts and maybe a contest for the 100,000th visitor? I sure as hell owe it to you guys!

Feel free to fill up those zeroes at the left, dear readers!


cholo dela vega said...

Nice one Bobby! Wright Supply Co can help you with the prizes :)

Styles I Love said...

The prizes are most welcome, my friend! Just keep 'em coming! :)

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