The Art: "Rosario" Film Trailer

I went to watch Paranormal Activity 2 alone for some brainless fun over Halloween weekend and stumbled upon something unexpected. Thank god I went early to watch the trailers or else I would have missed it too. It was this beautiful trailer for "Rosario" - an official entry to the annual Metro Manila Film Fest, which from the looks of things will be - and I say this without exaggeration - the most visually stunning Filipino movie ever made (Sorry, "Ang Panday". Sorry, "Batang X").

From the architecture, the home interiors, to the clothes (bravo, styling team!), to the cars, they perfectly portrayed what the Philippines was like in the 20s and successfully absorbed this viewer into the setting a mere 164 seconds in. Oh snap, there's a story too? Count me in for 2 tickets. "Rosario" is a once in a lifetime movie in this country where "Mano Pos" never end and Enteng is eternal. I beg you, filmmakers. More of this, please, but a little more manlier, okay?


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