The Happening: Old-New Watch Discovery!

I believe that someone's garbage is always another man's treasure. All the garage sales I've had, for one, have made me quite the pretty penny. Mostly, I've sold clothes, shoes, and bags, but not watches. Matter of fact, I'm the one who's been hunting for some sweet second-hand timepieces. After searching far and wide, though, it turns out that the store I was looking for was under my nose all along. Somewhere near the entrance of the Rustan's Supermarket in Shangri La Mall was this quaint little watch repair stall that also sold pre-loved timepieces.

Now don't be fooled by its shabby appearance. One look and you'll see that its vintage selection is really the shiz. They have Seiko's, Casio's, Timex's, Swatch's - you name it, they have that not-so expensive brand you're looking for. Never mind that the watches are not in mint condition. Every scratch, every flaw reveals a story and makes every piece more interesting. Just like the mother of all G-Shocks I spotted which I am now seriously considering getting. Man, at just P800, you really can't go wrong too. Just like I said: One man's garbage, another man's treasure.

One of the many piles where you can salvage a vintage timepiece

For the old world lovers, they have these pocket watches for sale too

My other favorite. Awesome that you can see the mechanism inside this Swatch!

Talk to this guy. He'll give you a good price and your old-new watch a great shine!


elizar33 said...

the swatch watch looks awesome!!!

Styles I Love said...

You should have seen the ancient G-shock! I just accidentally deleted it, but will take a picture when I go back there. :)

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