The Item: Vintage Samsonite Awesomeness

My girlfriend and I were on our way home after strolling around Glorietta when we stumbled onto this second-hand bazaar in the mall's activity center. It was mostly filled with uninteresting clothes, but what it lacked in style options, it sure made up for it with awesome vintage suitcases. My eyes were instantly drawn to this old Samsonite number because of its flesh tone and old-world (I'm thinking 70s) charm. Everything was still in order; the locks were easy to open and the key was still there too. Yeah, it's a bit dirty and damaged, but if I'm going to be honest, that's precisely why I wanted it. Sturdy, stylish, Samsonite. Consider it sold, sir!

What a bargain for only P50! Man, it's just like I ate a value meal!

It'll much easier to spot my suitcase in those conveyors now too!


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