The Rundown: The Item's Best of 2009

As the year winds down, here I am again with yet another review of my best of 2009. Now, we go to my most blogged about category: "The Item". You know what, it's easy to scour the internets and the malls for stuff I love, thus, the sheer volume of posts, but here's the best of the best that I saw this year. It's a mish-mash of big money and affordable items, proving great finds were aplenty in '09! Sure hope 2010 is equally as amazing!

  • The Shoes: The product of Kanye West's collabo with Louis Vuitton was all I expected it to be and more. I got to try them on too and it felt oh so good!
  • The Camera: The folks at Ricoh really want me to leave my Nikon D60 behind. If their GXR is every bit as awesome as advertised, they may just have me converted.
  • The Belt: Paul Smith's weaved number is the best of the year, bar none. Too bad they don't have it in the Greenbelt and Shangri-La boutiques.
  • The Bag: Who knew men could be into that eco-chic movement too? Vic Barba's Ayala Mall sponsored totes prove that we fellas can also help nature with flair.
  • The Shorts: The year marked the return of shorter shorts for men. It hasn't quite caught on, but these Topman offerings sure make for a great argument.
  • The Shirt: Because of the charming pattern and great fit, there hasn't been a more used shirt in my wardrobe than these Joey Samson x Human tees.


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