The Item: Ricoh GXR

Oh my goodness, I think I know what I want for Christmas. Let's get things straight, I love my Nikon D60, but I would just love to have this revolutionary gadget from Ricoh too. This point-and-shoot GXR is the smallest camera with interchangeable lenses and sensors, meaning ultimate flexibility without the bulk of a dSLR.

The way you change lenses too is quite impressive. You simply slide-in the mounted lenses without the hurry of covering up the sensors from dust and contamination. In many ways, a big plus for all those dSLR users like me who've looked like fools whenever we change lenses.

The camera will have Macro and Zoom lens options available as well as some tasty accessories that will have all the camera buffs and posers out there drooling. Top it all off with the sleek all-black exterior and what we have is one an object of Christmas desire which I will not probably get anytime soon. Sad.

Looks like your garden variety digicam, yes?

After seeing this though? Mmmm. Not so much.

Photos courtesy of Hypebeast


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