The Guide: Keeping Your Collar Erect

One of my biggest pet peeves are flattened dress shirt collars. I just think it's another one of those why-did-you-even-bother moments because for me, the whole point of wearing a dress shirt is to exude authority. An upright collar plays a big part in that. A flimsy one? Well, that just says you're soft in places that matter most.

Sometimes, the mistake is in the fabric of the collar. In other cases, it may just be your manang's faulty ironing. More often than not, though, it's because you failed to invest in a dress shirt with holes for the wonderful invention known as collar stays.
Puzzled? I'm sure you've seen them at one point or another. You just didn't know them by name.

Collar stays are the thin plastic strips you insert into hidden holes at the bottom of your collar to keep them bad boys standing up. Not to be cliche and all, but it really is one of those little things which make a big difference. Check it out: Two plastic strips = one erect collar = an effective dress shirt = a power statement.
Not bad for something under 200 bucks, yeah?

Most dress shirts should have holes for stays. If not, avoid them!

Yet another simple solution that makes shirting all the more effective


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