The Item: André for Incase Curated by Arkitip

I recently got my own office laptop after what seemed to be an eternity in the corporate world. And while it's not really mine, I'd like to give it a home that is as stylish as can be. No, I'm not in favor of the beastliness in Crumpler stores nor will I opt for those made with memory foam (though I love to poke that ish). I want something that'll stand out simply because my laptop with its matte black finish won't.

That's why this Incase, er, laptop case won it for me. First of, the caramel color's sick. Add to that the combination of red, white, and blue which has always been a favorite trio and what we have is the perfect home for my otherwise run of the mill portable computer. It may not be a Mac, but nowadays, isn't it all about the packaging after all?

I normally wouldn't care for the cartoon-y designs, but this one's fine by me!

Photo courtesy of Hypebeast


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