The Rundown

  • Nothing Beats the Original: Sure, Collezione is making a killing with those flag shirts, but let's not forget, Team Manila started it all. {Style Samurai}
  • Stealing the Show: Jerome Lorico's collection was fine, but the shoes from Bang Pineda x Cardam were the true stars of the show. {El Bosquejo}
  • Once You Go Black...: Onin of Style Anywhere's love for black and its many incarnations is featured in this month's Meg Magazine. {Style Anywhere}
  • Duffle Done Right: Izzy's "Megawatt Blue" Commes Des Garcons duffle coat is the last straw. I think I want one for myself. {The Dandy Project}
  • Christmas Comes Early: Paul Smith gives a 30% discount on ALL items. Okay, not really all, but a good chunk of it I suppose (or at least hope). {Buddha Banana}
Designs courtesy of Team Manila


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