The Item: What I Want for Christmas (Part 1)

While the incomparable Chuvaness wants a nylon Chanel Sac Bowling for Christmas, I for one will be more than happy to settle for this humble Beabi Nylon Bag instead. Aside from being a match-it-with-anything bag perfect for those wala lang errands, it's super soft nylon exterior is just something else to touch. Oh, and did I mention you can crumple it up and put it in a little bag for storage? Definitely a steal at P545 and a lot more accessible than those wonderful Chanels.

The crumpled nylon exterior gives that just-right manly feel


Dexter said...

I got this foldable duffle 3 months ago and it's really functional. The construction is a bit flimsy though as compared to the Muji version (which I got a year ago in Singapore for SGD49.00). I wonder if Muji still has this foldable duffle. Nevertheless, this Beabi duffle is a good buy for P545.

Styles I Love said...

Ooooh, a Muji one sounds promising indeed! Beabi actually reminds me a lot of Muji, just not as sharply made. They're fine for what they are though, wonderful minimalistic pieces for the no non-sense man.

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