The Item: All-Black Leather Stan Smiths

I've loved Stan Smiths ever since I saw Usher rock them in his music video for "Burn (3:42 mark)". I just wasn't too keen on those all-white versions which Adidas first released. Just too common for my liking, I guess. But then, I saw the all-black version at the Great Lifestyle Sale. I didn't buy it at first, but when I tried them on just for kicks, oh, was it over.

What really got me was the minimalistic black-on-black combination. The matte finish makes it quite the looker and the added bulk (which I don't normally go for) makes for a nice contrast with the skinny bottoms I usually prefer. I actually thought long and hard about getting 'em because I already had three black shoes, but I just couldn't pass up the very amenably discounted price of P2,500. The way it resembles Common Projects kicks is pretty sweet too and you know me, I always love looks for less! Oh well, so much for not buying another pair!

Welcome to the family, Mr. Smith!

At a fraction of the price of these Common Projects kicks too!

Photo courtesy of Common Projects


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