The Item: CDG Tweed Blazer

I find it quite awkward when men try to dress up jeans with what clearly is a blazer from a suit. The problem with this approach is usually the fabric's too stiff, too business-y to be considered casual wear. What often makes it worse is the sizing, with sleeves that reach the knuckles and a tail that envelops your bum.

Though we all cannot possibly afford it, we should all learn from this lovely Commes Des Garcons shirt collection tweed blazer. The fabric is perfect with jeans and the subtle pops of orange and red make this piece all the more interesting. The cut's a winner too. Its sleeves slightly expose the wrists and its bottom, well, let's just say it lets them girlies appreciate yours.

This blazer intensifies my love for tweed

The thin lapels and lines across the back are sweet bonuses

Photos courtesy of Selectism


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