The Guide: Removing Damn Hanger Bumps

If there's one thing Martha Stewart and I can agree on, it's that we both hate those damn hanger bumps. There's really nothing more frustrating than putting together a fine outfit only to see that your shirt has that little poking imperfection on your shoulder on your way out the house. You've no choice but to change and yes, the grueling process begins anew.

The common culprit of such occurrences are the wire hangers you still choose to cling on. It's either that or you've some ungodly small hanger that doesn't make it to the shoulders of your shirts. The quick solution to avoid it is to buy wide hangers with a rounded shoulder. No need for fancy schmancy bullshit that you see on informercials, folks; a wide plastic one will do.

Where you hang your clothes is every bit as important as what you're wearing if you ask me

When the damage is done however, do what I do. Take a bit of water and dampen the area in question. If it doesn't budge, add some more. The water will weigh down your shirts and make it follow the contour your body, undoing the damage that your little hanger has caused. While you've probably figured this out years ago, seeing an officemate with this predicament just today prompted me to give a gentle reminder: Keep that up and Martha will not be pleased.


Anonymous said...

The real problem is most hangers are not wide enough for anything larger than M or L shirts.

Do a google search for XL hangers and you will find a cure, i did!

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