The Brand: Urban Outfitters Shoes

Ever since I walked into my first Urban Outfitter store, I was in love. Never have I gone into a shop and not known exactly what to check out first. All the brands I liked were there. And the shoes, oh the shoes, they will be the end of me. Vans, Chucks, Sperrys, they were all lined up, but my greatest discovery were the house branded UO shoes.

The kicks were solid, but what really got me was the unfair price they were charging for 'em. Unfair on their part, of course, because the shoes were a goddamn steal! $20 for plimsolls? $25 for penny loafers? I mean, you gotta be kidding me right? Of course, there's a catch. The quality is probably suspect, but from the looks of things, these beautes are really hard to pass up. Next time I go stateside, I'm definitely copping these for some instant gratification!

Blue waxed canvas (love the sole!) and faux leather plimsolls

Sweet canvas slip-ons and a rugged suede desert boot

Mocs and a penny loafer both in tasty tan suede

Photos courtesy of Urban Outfitters


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