The Art: Fred Lebain's A Spring in New York

It's not the first time I've seen blown up pictures positioned over the actual subjects a few days after shooting, but Fred Lebain's works for his "A Spring in New York" series is quite possibly the most likeable. Just look at the pictures and tell me you don't respect this man's vision.

He creates wonderful illusions that blur the lines of what's real and what's reproduced. That, or maybe I'm just overthinking and trying to sound profound. Either way, I can't deny that they've inspired me to try the same trick shots with my very own non-professional camera. Probably will not be as good though, but you never know right?

Imperfect overlap, yes, but impressive nonetheless

The one on the right's my favorite among the set, swabe

I wonder if I can make my snaps look this awesome

Photos courtesy of DesignBoom


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