The Item: Command and Create with Adidas

When I joined our Fantasy Basketball league this year, I had my sights set on Derrick Rose, last year's Rookie of the Year and probable 2nd year beast. The man's speed is just sick; he cuts to the basket with the best of 'em and finishes with utmost flair.

I wanted to get Dwight Howard too, but some chump beat me to him. His free-throw shooting percentage be damned. He's the best big man in the league right now, bar none. With his increasing offensive arsenal and overall nastiness around the rim, be it the ferocious dunk or the vicious block, the Man-child is just unstoppable on both sides of the floor.

Despite being sure-fire All-Stars, however, these two are still getting better. As scary a thought for anybody, it's probably the reason why Adidas chose to shine the spotlight on them and make them the centerpiece of their "It's On Me for My Brotherhood" campaign. It focuses on their commitment to continuous improvement to help better the team and ultimately get that elusive Larry O' Brien trophy.

This year, D12 will wear the TS Commander LT, a shoe that is 6oz. lighter than previous Commanders, giving him superior cushioning minus the added weight. Rose, on the other hand, will sport the TS Cut Creator that will minimize stress during all those hard cuts. I must say, those shoes are pretty sick. Just don't wear 'em outside the hardwood and we won't have problem.

P.S. Dope commercials. I loved the beats and visuals. And Dwight's? Oh, that brings the LOLs.


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