The Guide: When Longer isn't Better

Although we may be experiencing colder weather at night, one cannot deny the reality that it's still friggin' scorching from morning to afternoon. This damn heat probably explains why I noticed a high number of fellas in shorts when I went out last Saturday. One thing irks me though - the length of most shorts I saw that day.

Never mind that they were cargo, denim, or sometimes pleated, what I can't take was the amount of below-the-knee action that was going on. I realize that some may not be comfortable with shorter lengths but all I ask for is a movement to show our knee caps. It just looks more flattering in my estimation, and it's quite easy to do too.

All you really need to make it happen is to make sure to clean your knees before exposing them. You don't even have to buy new shorts, for crying out loud. If you're like me (who has a stash of these babies), you can opt to fold them up to give them a fresh new life. I fold mine until above 2 inches my knee cap, but you need not to. Stop wherever you want as long as it's above the knee, please. Just try it and you'll see that a few edits is all you need to say goodbye to the puruntong shorts look you've probably been rocking since the 90s.

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