The Happening: Analog Camera Heaven

Simply put, my girlfriend and I died and ended up in analog camera heaven last night at Cubao X. We were just on our way out when we stumbled upon this table of what looked to be antiques (think SLRs without the d), which were being sold at considerably cheap prices. Granted they were old and needed some work, but every single piece on those tables worked. I was utterly blown away. There was just something so charming about going back to doing things the old school way. Man, they even had vintage polaroids, and you know how much I love those!

The evolution of cameras told all in one table

So many cameras, so little money!

Try catching the folks of Vedic Nation tomorrow from 1pm to 7pm at the Expo. Otherwise, hit up their site. You won't regret it, I swear. If not for the appreciation of old school photography, then do it for those cameras which are sure real nice to look at!


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