The Happening: Greenhills "Overruns"

My family and I went to Greenhills to watch Avatar in 3D (so-so movie by me) some days before Christmas. To kill the 1-hour waiting time, we decided to go around the tiangges in Greenhills to see if there were great finds to be had. As expected, LV monogram bags, replica Nikes, and fake Adidas Philippine flag track jackets were aplenty, but amidst all these were some pleasantly amusing "overruns" (whatever that means).

One stall stood out because of the taste level of their class A selections. They offered "Paul Smiths", "Fred Perrys", "Marc Jacobs", and even "Raf Simons". I hate to use this phrase, but in all fairness to them, they did fakes right. I'm not going to be one to buy from them, though. The quality is definitely not there and as I've said, it's really the saving up and the sacrifices that make owning them name brands worth it. That said, still a step-up for all stall suppliers everywhere.

These fake Marc Jacobs x Vans slip-ons were quite tempting

As were these "Paul Smith" kicks, but in the end, I passed


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