The Guide: Pulling Off a Pullover

Do you feel the chill? December's here, gents, and it's that time of the year when we can actually pull off layered looks without sweating bullets or buckets (in the morning and evening at least). Among the options, my most recommendable would have to be the slim pullover sweater.

It's as classic as classic can be, but unfortunately, despite its mainstay appeal, a lot of us still manage to make what should be a dressed up look downright sloppy. So here, as an early Christmas gift to you all, I will give my personal preferences about wearing pullovers. Some, I will admit, are very nitpicky, but with all the pictures that will be taken this holiday season, you better make sure you look damn good in one. Really simple, just read on, bruh.

1. Undershirt Requirement
Sweaters were made to be layered for a reason. Surprisingly though, I still spot some chaps who think wearing a sweater on its own is okay. It is not, my friends, because if I wanted to see your man nipples poking through cashmere or merino, I would specifically ask for it. And believe me, I will not.

2. The Right Collar
If you've decided to heed my previous advice and wear something underneath your sweater, stay clear of shirts with hard business-y collars. Not only will you look rather stiff on a holiday, but you're also going to have that unavoidable 70s spread collar look at one point or another. I say let your guard down and go for soft collared polos. Ones with button-down options look best and by the way, collared pique polos are not advisable.

3. The Proper Fit
Because you're going to be wearing something underneath (hopefully a shirt with a soft button-down collar), I would suggest that you get a size you can comfortable breathe in. Slim is nice but you should get a sweater than doesn't make the buttons of your shirt underneath pop out. Allow for some room because as you very well know, Christmas is a time of good eatin' and you gotta have all the help you can get in concealing that belly!

4. Pulling Up Sweater Sleeves
One of the things I just don't get is why men pull sweater sleeves up above their elbows. I mean, if you were going to do that, why wear a long-sleeved sweater in the first place? If you can't resist the urge, though, consider the forearm your limit. The sleeves will still stretch, yes, but not to the destructive extent of pulling them past your elbows in regularity.

5. The Depth of the V
V-necks are a common sight on pullovers and although many look very flattering, some brands have managed to take it just a bit too far (hello F&H, et. al.). How low should one go? Well, I'd say the level of the dude's neckline below. It shows the right amount of undershirt but doesn't go as far as expose his bulging cleavage. Okay, that won't really be a problem, but a sweater's supposed to cover you up. Let it serve it's purpose and keep you warm in what is really the closest thing we will ever have to winter!

Photos courtesy of J.Crew


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